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Post  Admin on Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:07 am

Games Workshop were my introduction to tabletop gaming back in the 80's and though I continue to game their products their output back then, in my opinion, has never been bettered by them since. Having recently played a game of Rogue Trader for the first time in over two decades and wandered into a local gaming store today and saw a game of WFB 3rd Ed going on my eyes have been opened to the fact that people are still playing these games. The impetus for creating this forum came about from a trawl through the internet for signs of this gaming and encountering a disparate set of blogs and forum threads. My hope is to try and bring everyone together in one place so we can discuss, find opponents, arrange games and track down those long oop minis missing from our armies. The forum is very much a work-in-progress and it'll adapt and change to fit how people use it. It isn't intended to replace anyone's blog and if you do run an old school GW blog then please do start up a thread to promote it. Though the focus is on GW in the 80's and 90's if people would like to discuss more recently oop games and minis then please do so.

So post battle reports, painting logs, photos, discuss rules and background, post scenarios you've written along with anything old school GW-related that takes your fancy. I hope to take a hands-off approach to moderating the forum, please treat each other with respect and above all, be excellent to one another. The usual disclaimer stands with respect to the trading forum, all at your own risk and whatnot. If in doubt then don't do it or buy and sell through paypal rather than trade, at least that way you'll have some purchase protection. Links to ebay auctions are fine also. If anyone is sufficiently technically-minded to be able to create a nice logo or background pic for the forum to make it look pretty then it'd be gratefully received.

Thank you and welcome
Ben Smile


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